Wednesday, 12.07.17 , written by Juliane Wellisch In the current family liability comparison 2017, it was examined which tariffs offer the best services for families. This does not just include co-insurance for the children. There are a number of claims that are far from covered by any insurer. However, 14 fares offer comprehensive protection and convince with the best possible rating.


Diese Leistungen gehören zum Haftpflichtschutz für Familien 

  • The new family liability comparison 2017 rated 14 out of 98 tested offers with the best rating.
  • It becomes clear which benefits a liability insurance for families should offer in any case.
  • With a comparison to liability insurance, families can find out if there are also high-performance tariffs at a low price.

The family liability comparison 2017 has examined 98 tariffs. For this purpose, the analysis company ascore scoring the offers, especially with regard to their scope of services scrutinized. Finally, the choice of a suitable insurance mostly focuses on the amount of insurance premiums. Especially with the liability insurance for families, however, interested parties should not disregard the scope of services . Because this decides whether the insurance company actually pays in case of damage.

The best offers in family liability comparison 2017

The best offers in family liability comparison 2017


All tariffs in the test offer a co-insurance of spouses or partners as well as children . This includes both the own and the children of the partner in the common household as well as foster and adoptive children. A total of 14 fares from twelve providers receive the best possible rating of six stars in the family liability comparison. This means that they fulfill many important benefits for families, such as a coverage of at least 10 million euros in personal, property and pecuniary losses .

Among the test winners in the family liability comparison 2017 include:

  • Adcuri / Barmenia – Premium Protection Family
  • Liability insurance Darmstadt – PHV Simply complete
  • InterRisk – PHV XXL (HT2011)
  • Concept & Marketing – allsafe fortuna prime and allsafe fortuna perfect
  • Swiss Life – Prima Plus 2016 and Prima Plus 2016 with carefree package with failure cover Plus
  • Waldenburger – Premium Plus

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On these achievements it comes with the family liability

On these achievements it comes with the family liability


Many a claim that many insured believe to be covered by their liability insurance is not covered by any tariff . For example, those who cause damage in the workplace will only receive support from 51 of the 98 tested offers according to the family liability comparison. If one ‘s own child runs from time to time to the neighbor’s dog and thereby another person is damaged, however, with the exception of a tariff all offers in the liability insurance test help.

For the important loss of receivables, interested parties should check how extensive it is. The benefit comes into play if the insured person is harmed himself, but the polluter has neither the financial means nor his own liability insurance. A liability with bad debt jumps in this case and pays the costs incurred. All 91 of 98 fares offer this achievement .

However, the testers point out that not every offer has legal protection, which is partly necessary in order to enforce an enforceable title or order for payment. 30 tariffs also support the insured in this area. In addition, the bad debts are insured for 58 offers, if the injured party acted intentionally .

Best performance in liability – how important is the all-round protection?

Best performance in liability - how important is the all-round protection?


Among the test winners are many premium rates, which are usually associated with higher insurance contributions . However, the costs were left out in comparison. In particular, price-conscious families are well protected with many offers, which do not provide all-round protection, but a scope of services that goes beyond simple basic services. These usually cost only a few euros per month and are therefore affordable for every household.

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Juliane Wellisch

editorial staff

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