Insurance for iPhone and mobile phone

Insurance for iPhone and mobile phone



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Mobile insurance: insurance for iPhone and mobile phone

With a household insurance you can insure almost all household utilities and consumables. Among other furniture, carpets, washing machines, food and electronics are considered. Household insurance thus offers an iPhone insurance and a mobile phone insurance.

What happens in the event of damage?

If something in your household is damaged, the insurance will provide you with the money you need to buy the insured item in new condition. Among the insured sources of damage include: burglary (robbery, vandalism), fire (fire, lightning, explosion) and tap water (burst pipe, frost damage). You can also opt for an external insurance. The insurance cover then covers damage outside of your four walls. Also, your iPhone insurance or your mobile insurance is then extended to important benefits.

For example, if somebody breaks into your car and steals your cell phone, then the outside insurance can provide you with assistance. As a rule, it is valid worldwide, provided the duration of stay abroad does not exceed three months. The iPhone insurance and the mobile phone insurance offer you protection for holidays outside of Germany.

iPhone insurance

If you buy an iPhone, you may receive an offer for a separate iPhone insurance. The insurance cover is usually unnecessarily expensive and then exists only for this one device. The household insurance usually offers a much better value for money. In the household insurance is automatically an iPhone insurance included, also almost all other household items are protected.

Service: When choosing the right home contents insurance is worth taking a look at the current home insurance insurance tests.

Mobile insurance

Here, too, home contents insurance is the better alternative to a separate mobile phone insurance, as it only covers the cell phone for the most excessive contributions. Both your mobile phone and almost all other moving objects in your household are protected by home insurance.
Here, the mobile phone insurance offers the same benefits as the iPhone insurance. In addition, it offers all other usual services for home contents insurance.

Editorial Tip

Different providers require part very different contributions for the same insurance coverage. In order not to unnecessarily spend a lot of money on the insurance here, it is advisable to have a precise insurance comparison, otherwise it is very difficult to get a good overview of the various offers. Use our tariff comparison and secure yourself a cheap mobile phone insurance.

iPhone Insurance & Mobile Phone Insurance – Reimbursement

Important for the reimbursement is that you contractually agree on a sufficient sum insured. If this is set too low, you will only be reimbursed part of the costs in case of damage. This is called underinsurance. If you want to be absolutely certain that you will receive the necessary money in the event of a claim, you should set a sub-insurance waiver. If damage occurs on your iPhone or mobile phone, you will in any case receive the money for the new purchase, regardless of whether the sum insured is too low or not.